About Me

I'm a guy who gets things done. I like to have my tools, options, and crew all laid out in the open so that I may determine an effective way to solve whatever problem is at hand.

... I solve problems. Not problems like "What is beauty?", because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems.

I prefer to code web content, specifically because it's one of the environments that allows me to easily satisfy my below priorities in order. Making a website allows me to tell someone "Hey, check out this thing I did" and all they have to do is go to a page and it works. I don't have to tell someone to download an app, agree to my terms and conditions, load a framework, or install my specific runtime environment for something they may not even care for.

My Priorities

  1. OOB Functionality (Out-Of-the-Box)

    A tool is hardly good to anyone if it doesn't function, and if it functions right out of the box without any necessary preconfiguration, the users can get on their way with whatever it is they want to do. If the tool is truly powerful enough, people may take the time to learn it but the chance is much greater that they will simply find a different tool.

  2. Lightweight

    I have places to be and so do you. We need to get the product, get it working, fix our problem, and move on. This site used to be bare HTML, specifically to be as small as possible and ensure you get the information you want in as few packets as possible. It reduces load time and stress on transmission hardware. I eventually decided to Bootstrap this site on the grounds that people would likely already have the CSS and scripts cached on their machines, making the load time irrelevant.

  3. Modularity

    I will do my best to make something for you that will suit your every need. Unfortunately, sometimes "you" refers to a group of people and what suits one person, may not suit everyone but we have to try. This is why I love to leave a sort of "access panel" of some sorts to the user, so that in the event my program doesn't suit them, they have the ability to make the necessary changes.

  4. Design

    People like things to look pretty. If you have the option for somethign to look pretty or look terrible, of course you'll pick the pretty option. My concern is that, when pushed to extremes, aesthetics can prove to be cumbersome.

What I've Done

My most recent and largest achievement yet is my ongoing study at Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Computer Systems Technology program.

Who I Am

If you have read this far, then you must have more interest in me than I expected. This page isn't meant to be a personal blog, but if I had to list some hobbies, they would be: